April 10 2014

1 year older self portrait

April 9 2014

a snippet from Paradise (the comic I’ve been working on—which I just finished!! more on that soon)

April 8 2014

Working on Paradise #art #drawing #comic [via instagram]

April 5 2014

I got my banana tree gif made into a lenticular print (that’s those kinda holographic prints with a sheet of plastic that animate when you change the angle)! The video doesn’t show it perfectly but I’m so excitedd

March 19 2014

ahh thank you blackblackbirds!! (sorry I have to answer like this, tumblr won’t let me answer questions on this blog)

I am not loyal to any one brand but I like to use little-ish hardbound sketchbooks with paper that can take a lot. My last two sketchbooks have been Blick and Cachet brands and both can handle a little water-based media (they’re not made for it so the pages buckle but since they’re in a book they get pressed flat anyways). Mostly I just go to the art store and pick out something that looks decent!

March 13 2014

Hey I just got an instagram!! Follow me at @celiajart for more in process shots and arty stuff

March 12 2014

I drew an egg while I cooked it and had a really good time!

March 10 2014

March 9 2014

expanded on this drawing…now nice n big!

March 6 2014